Wednesday Wonder: Udacity Nano Degrees

You may have heard the Tech Industry has a lot of opportunities to have a lucrative career working remotely – all you need is the internet. You may even have wondered how you go about getting those jobs… or if you have enough experience/qualifications to even apply for them. A good way to find out is to check out Udacity – an online, job targeting training program they call “nanodegrees” which guarantees a related job offer.

The commitment is relatively small – just 10-15 hours a week! These cost about $200/month with intros taking 4 months and nanodegrees taking 9 months. AND… there are scholarships available from Google!

For example, self-driving cars are already changing the infrastructure of the transportation industry and major, stable brands are heavily invested and testing in Pittsburgh. Udacity offers an “Intro to Self-Driving Cars” for people who have some basic programming skills which gives you a guaranteed acceptance into the “Self-Driving Car Engineer” nano-degree. So for $200/month and 10-15 hours/week for 13 months you are guaranteed job offer of at least $68,000!

If any of these nanodegrees and careers seem interesting to you but you don’t have reliable internet access or you want “get out of the house” and find a supportive environment to study/work, you can get a 24/7 access membership to our Technology Center for $90/month. We have a lot of seating options and self-serve coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.


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