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+ Media Production:


Media production includes manipulating audio, video, graphic art, and animation. These short videos will help you get started and show you some tools and best practices. Go in order or skip around. It’s time to make cool things…

(Coming soon…) From the tiny cells to tall buildings and everything in between, 3d printing has a hand in every career path. We’ve got some short videos to get you started with your first print and a few “wish I knew that” details as well.

(Coming soon…) Learning the basics of coding and programming helps you “think like a computer.” These short videos are meant to be watched in order, although you can practice the concepts with various activities.

(Coming soon…) Smart tech is everywhere… its in our homes, cars, even our favorite restaurants. Using technology to make life more convenient and personalized is not a new concept, its just happening faster than ever. These short videos are designed to be watched in order and will help you understand the basics of how smart technology works and the infrustructure of the Internet of Things (IOT).

(Coming soon…) Gamification extends beyond entertainment to finding solutions to our most tedious and difficult problems. These short videos help define the process of gamification and explores various game building software.