Digital Tech Isn’t Just for Geeks Anymore

Digital technology has a much broader target audience than the introverted geniuses of the eighties. And while there is still some resistance, it is difficult to hold a job or even stay in touch with people we care about unless we become technically savvy.

However, there is so much out there, it can be difficult to navigate the options available, let alone figure out how to use it. That is where Boundless Connections Technology Center passes and memberships can help. The ‘tech center,’ or BCTC for short, is where you can explore your options, set your own pace, and focus on things that personally interest you.

Just like the YMCA has made fitness for everyone, not just kids and professionals, the tech center will give everyone the opportunity to explore and engage with technology. From the never evers to the next tech giant, BCTC will have events and programs for everyone… or you can just come in to interact with others of similar interests.

Schedule a tour for your organization or group to find out about our programs, events, and amenities. We have everything from day passes to monthly memberships for individuals, families, business professionals, and organizations.

Digital technology isn’t just for geeks anymore. Its for everyone.

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