Wednesday Wonder: Duolingo

What is Duolingo?

Duolingo is a free language-learning platform that includes a website and app for Android and iOS.

How do you use it?

The first step in using Duolingo is to set up an account. You can use an email address, or link a Google or Facebook account. Picking the language you would like to learn is next. Duolingo offers 30 different languages for English speakers to learn, including French, German, Czech, and Italian. You have the option of starting multiple courses at once, but it’s advised to only take one at a time.

Duolingo courses are made up of modules that must be done in a certain order. For example, you must finish module 1 before module 2 becomes accessible. The lessons within each module also work this way. If you are already familiar with the content in a lesson or module there is a “test out” option. Duolingo will create a test on the lesson content, if you pass you can move forward. If you fail you must take the lesson.

Duolingo has a goal-setting tool that allows you to set a goal ranging from “casual” to “insane” depending on how quickly you would like to progress. It will send you daily reminders and let you know if you’re on track to meet your goal. It will also keep track of your daily progress in your account. You have the option of connecting with friends to make it a little more competitive.

The Duolingo learning platform is easy to use, fun, and works. Try it for yourself!


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