Wednesday Wonder: 360 Degree Camera 1/3/18

The 360 Degree Camera.

The 360 degree camera is a way to capture the moment not only with a slice of the event that is happening, but really allowing the viewer to see the “whole” picture. A 360 image allows someone to stand in one place while using a phone or tablet and to “look” around at the whole picture.

The 360 degree camera works is by using multiple cameras with overlapping fields of view, which makes it possible to record an entire 360×180 degree field.

Forbes put these cameras to the test. After researching 360-degree cameras for 30 hours and testing five top contenders, they thought the Ricoh Theta S is the best affordable, user-friendly entry point into this rapidly developing new category of photography. They tested the cameras by taking the cameras on vacation to Vancouver and Disneyland, and used them on everyday excursions in and around Seattle. Not only was this camera’s image quality fantastic but was very easy to use. It is capable of more advanced modes but for the most part it is just point and shoot. You can also use the built in Wi-Fi connectivity lets you adjust capture settings and trigger the camera remotely from an iOS or Android device using straightforward apps.

I think it is time to capture the “whole” picture. How about you?



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