3-D Printing Thursday! 1/18/18

Amazon and the 3D printing world!


This idea has already been floating around for several years, with Amazon initially filing for the patent back in 2013. An example given by the company back when the patent was first filed, was a household fitting like a faucet handle breaking off. This could be quickly solved with the help of additive manufacturing. A customer could place an order, which would locate a digital CAD model of the replacement part in an online library. This would then be printed off from one of any number of 3D printing sites.

The company sees this as an innovative way to save time and money, with a reduction in processing times being accompanied by a reduced need for storage space and labour costs. This kind of technology-driven advance is typical of Amazon’s business model, which recently saw them experimenting with carrying out deliveries by remotely controlled drones. This could take the already successful Amazon to a new level.


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