3-D Printing Thursday! 2/08/18

3D Printed Camper!

So why a camper? As it turns out, the 3D printer will create the trailer made of one solid chunk of plastic.

One of the biggest problems in the RV world is water damage. Because of screws, wood, fibreglass — all these kinds of multiple joints and seams to put together. With 3D printing, it will be a unibody camper trailer.

The team behind the project estimates it will take 10 days to finish the trailer, which will weigh between 270 and 320 kilograms. The average conventional trailer weighs 1,500 kilograms.

As it turns out, the public will be able to watch the 3D printer chugging away on the project. The camper will be on display at Create Cafe while it’s being built.

The group also plans on live streaming the process at noon every day to answer any questions people may have.

The asking price for the first model will be $25,000.



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