3-D Printing Thursday!

Would you eat at the worlds first 3D printed restaurant?

It’s fine dining, but not as you know it.

Food Ink is the world’s first restaurant serving 3D-printed food with 3D-printed utensils at 3D printed tables.

The company, which officially opened in London in July 2016, has been popping up in locations all over the world. It prides itself on being a place where fine food intersects with science, technology and futurism.

“At Food Ink, we believe that technology needs to serve a purpose and we are using it to add magic to the magic,” the Food Ink website reads.

If your first question is along the lines of, “but is it actually FOOD?”, rest assured, everything on the menu at Food Ink is edible, despite being made by a machine and not a human. In a process that looks similar to piping icing out of pastry bags, ingredients are pureed, packed into 3D molds, and then printed with a Dutch-made 3D printing machine called ByFlow.

The molds are guided with the robotic arm of the printer to create dishes at a level of precision rarely achieved by a human chef.

Would you try it?

Check out the website below.

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