Olean Local’s Music App is Top Ten in NYU Contest

Rajiv Thandla used to hang out with Tech Unleashed at Boundless Connections as one of his many interests through high school. Recently he developed an idea for an app that will change how we listen to music in groups.

His app idea made it to the top 10 ideas out of 200 submissions at the NYU Stern School of Business App Contest! Congratulations, Rajiv!

His app “Pas the AUX” provides socially collaborative playlists in which users can dynamically add songs to a playlist and vote for song order.

Nowadays in social settings, playing music is like social hot potato – no one wants to get stuck being the one that has to choose all the music, but everyone has their own opinion on what they want to hear. Currently we swap the device connected to the speakers manually, or verbally take suggestions in an inefficient way. And so Rajiv came up with an idea for an app that will make this a lot more effective and fun!


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