Augmented Reality for Work and Life


Many people know about virtual reality, where you put on a helmet and become enveloped into another world where our physics does not apply. That all well and good, but the practical applications for this are limited. Augmented reality, on the other hand, can drastically improve both work and life. In a simplified explanation, it puts a graphical overlay on everything you see. This can be great for doctors, as it can highlight and mark parts of the body that aren’t easy to distinguish. Graphic designers and architects can work with multiple people on a 3D display of the building to its most minute detail as well as manipulate it in an infinite number of ways. You could flick your eyes to a corner of the display and see all of your vital signs, what food is in your fridge, or even all of the displays for your car, now a projection that can be edited and adjusted in just the way you prefer. Prices for food can be displayed for conveniently at the grocery store, and a map could appear on the floor so you know exactly where to get the items missing from said fridge. There is no better way to multitask than to pull up instagram on your headset while you work on your laptop, pictures could be instantly taken of where ever your eyes are looking. The possibilities are endless, and their wide spread use is just around the corner.

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