Boundless Connections on Discord?

YES! Boundless Connections has a discord server for the use of our members along with all of our staff! You can use this server to your advantage for things such as: talking with staff after hours, scheduling a conference call in one of our voice chats, and much more! Our server has valuable information about who we are and what we do at Boundless Connections. The server is aimed at people that are currently using Discord as a tool to reach that part of the community as well. You may also create an account and join if you choose, there are instructions below on how to do so. At the time of writing this, we have 10 members, not including our moderation bots. You could be the next member! The server will also have announcements for our special events and programs so if you do choose to join keep an eye out for that!

What is Discord?

Discord is a chat app made by gamers for gamers. There are parts of it that are just text chatting and other parts that are voice chatting. Discord is a very helpful application if you do not have the time to stop in or call us to ask a question. You can simply just type out your questions in the general chat and we will answer them as soon as we can.

How do you intend to use Discord for your business?

We aren’t always readily available to customers at the moment they might have a question, so we ask that they check out the Discord server and give us their questions right through that. We will always try our best to answer any questions that anyone may have about anything that we do.

Is Discord safe?

Yes, Discord is, to an extent, safe for most users and people above the age of 13. We just ask that within our server everyone follows the rules that are clearly stated in the server.

How do I create a Discord account if I don’t already have one?

Head on over to and click or tap where it says ‘Create an account’. You must be over the age of 13 as that is part of their ToS.


Our Discord Server link –

Enjoy your time in our server and Boundless Connections!!

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