Spotlight on: Ryan Wymer (aka R3negade X)

Ryan “R3negade X” Wymer – photo by Noah McDonald Cradduck

Join Boundless Connections for a tech comedy dress rehearsal with Ryan “R3negade X” Wymer, a former member of Boundless Connections’ TECH Unleashed program and current member of TECH Launch.

Thursday, August 22
Boundless Connections, 160 N. Union St., Olean

Character Details
Name: Ryan Wymer
Title: R3negade X
Age: 20
Hometown: Rushford, NY
Skills: Witty One-liner, Power Pun, Killing Kindness


Like the video games he plays and shares on his YouTube channel, Ryan Wymer is colorful, animated even, and interacting with him can sometimes feel like a cutscene – a technique game-makers use to tell a part of their story, where the gamer is no longer playing, but watching a part of the game unfold.

Quick-witted and gallant, like a fearless game hero, Ryan often greets new friends and old alike, with a sweeping bow and a tip of his signature Fedora.

And, like a video game that requires programmers, designers, animators, writers and more all coalescing to create an experience, there’s always so much more going on beneath the surface under that hat.

“I have 18 million projects floating around in my head,” Ryan says.

“Those include game design, YouTube videos, building a custom game controller and not dying,” he deadpans.

Ryan is the embodiment of a one-man show.

A well-spring of creativity and a prolific writer, he’s created his own world, a la Tolkien, full of its own races, magic and folklore, available on WorldAnvil.

He regularly posts to his YouTube channel, usually playing outdated video games to hilarious effect.

His videos’ opening credits? He edited them together.

The catchy midi theme song? He composed and recorded it himself using Linux Multimedia Studio.

He’s also working on developing his own game.

And as if all of that wasn’t enough, now Ryan is launching a live comedic experience.

Please join us – we’ll provide pizza and light refreshments while you enjoy Ryan’s unique live performance.

Ryan pulls his comedic inspiration from the likes of Robin Williams, John Mulaney and Demetri Martin among others, specializing in impressions and one-liners.

Clearly Ryan has always had potential for greatness, but he credits the TECH Unleashed and TECH Launch programs at Boundless Connections for helping him develop his skills with technology, as well as teamwork and cooperation.

While walk-ins are welcome, if you’d like to RSVP to the performance, please email


TECH Unleashed is a year-long program in which members ages 13-17 focus on developing their tech skills through community service projects while receiving instruction on project and time management, leadership and team building, public speaking, research and industry networking. In this series we’re catching up with program alumni!

TECH Unleashed members have access to: computer hardware, Microsoft Office, graphic design, coding, Arduino, website development, audio/visual capture and editing technology and more.

Special thanks to our TECH Unleashed sponsors for helping to provide scholarships for interested teens to participate: Cattaraugus County Youth Bureau, Directions in Independent Living, Dream It. Do It. Western New York, Fox Financial, Sol Epoxy, United Way of Cattaraugus County and Strength Solutions.


TECH Launch, a certificate program geared toward helping people find focus and develop skills, either for employment or entrepreneurship, certifies participants, ages 17 and over, have basic technology skills including but not limited to the effective use of Microsoft Office programs, email communications, internet searches and online calendars. Other skills developed include timeliness, goal setting and tracking and self-assessment.

Participants meet 9 a.m. to noon every Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. TECH Launch members set their own three-month goals and meet one-on-one with a mentor weekly to assess their progress.

They also receive character development training through an introduction to The Virtues Projectâ„¢, an internationally recognized leadership program focused on recognizing and utilizing strengths.

Members use Boundless Connections’ TECH Connect Tracking System to log and verify their skills. Participants can also post and send their personal report link to employers along with their résumé.

This initiative is funded in part by a grant from the New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council. Participants with developmental disabilities pay no out of pocket expenses to attend the program.

For more information or to join TECH Unleashed or TECH Launch call (585) 376-0099 or email

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