BC Core Mtg on 9-9-2020

We discussed Brene Brown’s “Why Your Critics Aren’t The Ones Who Count.” There were definitely sound bites that caught the core team attention:
clarity of values – really committed to something in the “Arena” and knowing why you are there, willing to get your butt kicked.
people you trust – those who take care of you when you need a break – the ones who will dust you off and send you back in

We are all in the arena together. We need to take care of each other – especially when life is hard at any particular moment for any one of us. The world needs changing and it has to change while we struggle with life as individuals. If we wait for the perfect moment or the perfect personal circumstances… well that is not sustainable and we’d never get started.

Steve said: “The naked truth is kinder than the dressed up lie.”

When we can recognize what we are afraid of, we can face it without armor. The armor weighs us down.

I (Christina) have always watched this video from a personal perspective. I know I am afraid of my public face inviting people to look up my past and my mother and brother, who I do not want to engage with. But the naked truth is – they do not want the public eye on them. I am creating this giant fear in my mind and I need to accept it as a small possibility but the changes to the world are more important than that.

Now, as I watched this video as part of this core team, I realize I have asked all of you to come into the arena with me. I do not see your feedback as a critic. You are here with me in this arena and I value your perspective and want to keep improving. I hope to inspire you to try new things and test the outcomes. It’s scary to forge a new path. It’s scary to try new things just to see if we should do it again or never again. We know what we are doing is going to change the world for the better (clarity of values). This core team does not have to go into the arena alone. We take this journey together and can rely on each other to wipe the dust off and head back in (people you trust).

So we shall remind each other that what we are doing is worth the effort. We shall remind ourselves that the armor is not needed (get naked) because the critic outside of this core team doesn’t matter. And this core team can be trusted to take care of each other when things are hard.

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